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Workshop on Recycling Paper and Organic Waste Management at the School nº 30

Last week on Thursday a workshop about the Environment was held in the School nº 30 of Las Cañas, in cooperation with the Uruguayan non-for-profit organization Repapel. The workshops, addressed to the school teachers, pupils and their families, aimed promoting values such as Environmental preservation and responsible consumption to encouraging afterwards changes in the consumption […]

Installed the 22 turbines of Cerro Grande

The lifting and the installation of the 22 E-92 wind turbines of the Cerro Grande Wind Farm were completed on the first quarter of July. The ENERCON wind energy converter installed in Cerro Grande presents a hub height of 98 metres. The turbine is mounted on a concrete tower of 18 segments and 2 steel […]

Progress on the installation works of Cerro Grande: 10 wind energy converters are installed

The construction of the Cerro Grande Wind Farm keeps progressing. The first turbines installed can be spotted from the distance. Ten converters are already installed from the total number of twenty-two. The installation works on the other twelve turbines are progressing and most of the components are already on site placed on each turbine’s platform. […]

Cerro Grande celebrates International Women Day

Female and male workers of the Cerro Grande Wind farm joined the celebrations for the International Women Day on the 8th of March to support equal professional opportunities and to the fight against gender-based violence. The initiative came from the female workers of the company responsible for the wind farm construction, who decided to dress […]

First concrete segments installed

On the second half of January, the Installation Works of the first concrete segments began in two wind turbines. These turbines are conveniently located and therefore were chosen to be installed first. One of them is close to the site workstation and the other one at the end of one of the wind farm’s lines. […]

Construction works in Cerro Grande resume this week

The works were suspended at mid-December in compliance with the construction sector licence, which provides all the workers with an annual break. Before the holidays, all the internal roads of the wind farm were completed as well as the foundation of the 22 wind turbines. Today, Wednesday 11th of January, all construction activities in the […]

Works in Cerro Grande advance satisfactory

The construction works of the wind farm are advancing at a good pace. Last week, the works to improve the external and internal access roads to the wind farm finished; Furthermore, the workers could move to and  work from the containers installed and equipped for office purposes. Regarding the construction works and installation of the […]