Heavy loads transportation this week on Route 5 and 26

From Monday 24th until Saturday 29th the heaviest tower segments will be transported to Cerro Grande. These parts have a diameter of 4,5 meters and weight 39,5 Tons. These features make the convoy to take up further road space than usual.
The convoy will take Route nº 5 until Tacuarembó and then Route nº 26 to the site.

Segments transportation on Route 5 and 26

The shipment will leave every day at 7 a.m from the km 278 of Route nº 5 (Peralta) and it will arrive to Melo around 3 p.m. The shipment route will take Route nº 5 until Tacuarembó and from there it will take Route nº 26 to the site.

Curriculums to work in Cerro Grande Wind Farm

SACEEM, the company responsible for the construction of the wind farm’s workzone has opened an office in Treinta y Tres 476 to receive CVs from candidates interested in working with us. The office will be open until Friday 15th of July.

Informative Session about Cerro Grande Wind Fram

On Friday 10th of June at 10:00a.m an informative session about the Cerro Grande Wind farm will be held in the School nº 30 of Las Cañas. The objective of it is to inform the locals, teachers and pupils about the wind project and also to answer all questions that the audience may have.