Workshop on Recycling Paper and Organic Waste Management at the School nº 30

Last week on Thursday a workshop about the Environment was held in the School nº 30 of Las Cañas, in cooperation with the Uruguayan non-for-profit organization Repapel. The workshops, addressed to the school teachers, pupils and their families, aimed promoting values such as Environmental preservation and responsible consumption to encouraging afterwards changes in the consumption and discard patterns and habits through theoretical and practical tools for waste management.
The most popular workshops were Environmental Footprint and Waste Classification, that took place during the morning session, and the workshop on compost and paper recycling in which the pupils worked together with their families.

Construction works in Cerro Grande resume this week

The works were suspended at mid-December in compliance with the construction sector licence, which provides all the workers with an annual break. Before the holidays, all the internal roads of the wind farm were completed as well as the foundation of the 22 wind turbines.
Today, Wednesday 11th of January, all construction activities in the wind farm will resume; The transportation of concrete segments from Tacuarembó and of components from the harbour of Montevideo are schedule also for this week. The works in the two substations, which were progressing adequately, will also restart. Installation works are expected to begin soon.
Up-to-date, the construction of the wind farm achieves the milestones scheduled.

Job search and interview skills’ Workshop in Paso de los Toros

On Wednesday 1st of November, the company responsible for the construction of Cerro Grande gave a talk in Paso de los Toros about job search strategies organized by ASESPRO. The workshop, of high attendance, was addressed to last year’s students of UTU. The aim of the event was contributing to the personal and professional development of the youth of Paso de los Toros providing them with useful tips for job searching, together with guidelines for job interviews.

Talk about the Environment with UTU students

A visit to the Montecito School to give a talk about the Environment was organised in August. The school currently holds the first year of a course for adults taught by UTU on Sustainable Agricultural Activities.

The visit was coordinated by an invitation received from the professor of sustainable practices, Efrain Machado. A presentation about the wind project that will be developed in the area was given. Also, the attendees exchanged their perspectives on environmental protection, conservation and the value of the area.


A wind session at the School Nº30 of Las Cañas

Visitas y jornadas

Visitas y jornadas

On Friday 10th of June employees from the company responsible for the construction of the Cerro Grande Wind Farm visited the School nº 30 of Las Cañas to conduct an informative session about the project. The objective of it was to provide locals with the details about the construction of the wind farm, such as: beginning and end of construction and the number of wind turbines to be installed. Also, the contact details were provided for future questions and suggestions.

During the session a game was played with the pupils about the importance of renewable energies that allowed the visitors to learn the equipment that the locals have in their houses and the electricity and water provisions.